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The link above is an amazing report on what 'they' are doing to our food supply, and what that in turn is doing to us!  As the Word says, 'the LOVE of MONEY, is the root of ALL evil!'.


By Cliff Kincaid
February 7, 2015

NBC accuses Republicans of accepting bad “science” on vaccines, while Fox News fires back, accusing liberals of spreading bad “science” on vaccines. Each side is trying to score partisan political points. The message from both sides is that vaccines are completely safe. But that message is absolutely and demonstrably false.

As I noted in a recent column, the National Vaccine Injury Compensation Program exists to compensate victims of vaccines. The latest
Statistics Report shows nearly 4,000 claims were awarded financial damages.

Why do both sides of this “debate” pretend that vaccine-related injuries do not occur? Why not just report the facts? It doesn’t take a lot of work to dig them out.

Barbara Loe Fisher of the
National Vaccine Information Center (NVIC) tells me that she has given more than100 interviews in the last two weeks on the subject of the measles outbreak,but that the media simply will NOT report on the existence of this federal program and the implications for the subject of vaccine safety.

“Vaccines are the only pharmaceutical products that government mandates and completely indemnifies,” she notes. She is referring to federal legislation that takes legal responsibility for their actions away from the companies making the vaccines.

“I’ve been talking about it in every interview I do and I have been bringing it up. But whenever I talk about liability protection for the companies­that this is the only pharmaceutical product that is mandated by government and indemnified by government­they [the media] don’t want to talk about it,” she said.

Observers believe the glaring omission reflects the power of pharmaceutical companies or their advertising agencies in the major media. It is in the interest of these companies to make pariahs out of those favoring vaccine choice by playing down­or even suppressing­questions about vaccine safety.

Simply put, the evidence and history show that the vaccine makers have been given total liability protection for injuries and deaths caused by government-mandated vaccines. Vaccine safety is not “settled science,” as we have been hearing repeatedly in the media. To the contrary, for purposes of the law, vaccines are considered sometimes unsafe, even deadly.

The “
Vaccine injury table” associated with the legislation includes a list of the injuries, disabilities, illnesses, conditions, and deaths resulting from the administration of such vaccines.

But why is it so difficult for the media to report on the existence of these health problems?

The vaccines that are
covered include:

diptheria and tetanus vaccines
pertussis vaccines
measles, mumps, and rubella vaccines
polio vaccines
hepatitis A vaccines
hepatitis B vaccines
Haemophilus influenza type b polysaccharide conjugate vaccines
varicella vaccines
rotavirus vaccines
pneumococcal conjugate vaccines
seasonal influenza vaccines
human papillomavirus vaccines
meningococcal vaccines

I reported in my column, the one exception to this drumbeat of misleading and inaccurate coverage about “vaccine safety” is on the local level, where correspondent Michael Chen of ABC 10 News in San Diego, California noted a case of a boy who suffered serious injuries, including fever, seizures, nervous tics and autism, as a result of two vaccines. The mother, almost in tears as she described what happened to her son, was paid $55,000 in damages through the federal program. But the damage award didn’t cover the autism diagnosis. She said she wished she had more thoroughly researched the safety of vaccines.

The National Vaccine Injury Compensation Program grew out of the 1986 National Childhood Vaccine Injury Act. Fisher explains what happened: “The companies threatened Congress that they were going to leave the people without any childhood vaccines if they did not get liability protection. The companies wanted this liability protection and it was mainly for losses at that time for DPT and oral polio vaccine.MMR (Measles, Mumps, and Rubella) vaccine at that point was a relatively new combination vaccine.”

The DPT vaccine had been associated with brain inflammation and brain damage, while polio paralysis can be caused by the vaccine.

Fisher explains what the federal protection means for the companies: “Nobody who makes or profits from the sale of the vaccine, nobody who regulates the vaccine, who promotes the vaccine, who votes to mandate the vaccine­nobody is accountable or liable in a civil court of law in front of a jury of our peers when we get hurt because we’ve been told we have to take it, or when the vaccine fails to work.”

The compensation program, with total liability protection for injuries and deaths caused by government-mandated vaccines, was upheld by the Supreme Court in a 2011 case in which vaccines were acknowledged to be “unavoidably unsafe.”

My column actually underestimated the total financial damages paid through the program. The figure is actually $2.8 billion to the victims or the families of victims themselves.

Liberal and conservative media are trying to make political points over who’s right and wrong about vaccine safety. But Fisher says people who support her group and vaccine choice come from across the political spectrum and include Democrats, Republicans, libertarians, and independents. In the media, however, each side is trying to smear the other side, as if there is a partisan divide.

The coverage has led to cases of strange bedfellows, such as the George Soros-funded blog Think Progress running a story praising Megyn Kelly of Fox News under the headline, “
Megyn Kelly Speaks Up For Mandatory Vaccination On Fox: ‘Some Things Do Require Big Brother.’”

Indeed, Kelly defended mandatory vaccines, saying, “…some things do require some involvement of Big Brother.”

What she and many others in the media have consistently ignored is the role of Big Brother in shielding the companies making the vaccines from the side effects of their products.

As I asked in my column: If there are no problems associated with vaccines, then why did Congress pass the National Childhood Vaccine Injury Act of 1986, which created a national Vaccine Injury Compensation Program?

The media on the left and right have no answer to this question. So they pretend there is no debate or dispute over the safety of vaccines. They simply point fingers about one side or the other being guilty of ignoring what they pretend is settled science.

The only thing “settled” about the science is that while vaccines work for a large majority of people, they can also cause serious health problems, even death, for some.

The commentators who ignore the truth are either lying or so utterly ignorant that they should not be in a position of offering “news” on a national basis. Whatever the case, the public is being denied the facts about decisions affecting the lives of their children. Fortunately, the public can go to sites like and the National Vaccine Information Center for information that is being denied to them.

A troubling aspect of the current debate is how people in the media act like experts on subjects that they know so little about. They seem to think that by huffing and puffing and sounding authoritative, they will be taken seriously. They have large staffs which seem incapable of making phone calls or doing elementary research.

If news organizations on the left and right can’t even dig out the facts in life-and-death matters involving children, then what can they be trusted to report accurately on?

© 2015 Cliff Kincaid - All Rights Reserved

Cliff Kincaid, a veteran journalist and media critic, Cliff concentrated in journalism and communications at the University of Toledo, where he graduated with a Bachelor of Arts degree.

Cliff has written or co-authored nine books on media and cultural affairs and foreign policy issues. One of Cliff's books, "
Global Bondage: The UN Plan to Rule the World" is still awailable.

Cliff has appeared on Hannity & Colmes, The O’Reilly Factor, Crossfire and has been published in the Washington Post, Washington Times, Chronicles, Human Events and Insight.

Cliff Kincaid is president of America’s Survival, Inc.



I discovered this article within a larger document I was reading at a site online today and, as anyone with a moral would react, I was outraged, not because I haven't known what a 'health hazard' the medical industry has become over the last century, but to learn more details as to what kinds of afflictions have been slithered into the lives of unwitting 'patients' via their bloodstream being poisoned through 'vaccines'. This particular medical assault was aimed at women specifically, the objective being to reduce population by secretly rendering women infertile through massive vaccination campaigns against tetanus.

From Linda K. (July 31, 2014)

The only Physician worthy of our trust is Jesus Christ and I, for one, would rather die trusting Him than subject my health and life to sorceries (pharmakeia as per Revelation 9:21 & 18:23).

~Einsam sind die Gerechten. Doch mit ihnen ist Gott.~
  ~Lonely are the just, but with them is God.~

Are New Vaccines Laced with Birth-Control Drugs?

During the early 1990s, the World Health Organization (WHO) had been overseeing massive vaccination campaigns against tetanus in a number of countries, among them Nicaragua, Mexico, and the Philippines. In October 1994, HLI received a communication from its Mexican affiliate, the Comite' Pro Vida de Mexico, regarding that country's anti-tetanus campaign. Suspicious of the campaign protocols, the Comite' obtained several vials of the vaccine and had them analyzed by chemists. Some of the vials were found to contain human chorionic gonadotrophin (hCG), a naturally occurring hormone essential for maintaining a pregnancy.

hCG and Anti-hCG Antibodies

In nature the hCG hormone alerts the woman's body that she is pregnant and causes the release of other hormones to prepare the uterine lining for the implantation of the fertilized egg. The rapid rise in hCG levels after conception makes it an excellent marker for confirmation of pregnancy: when a woman takes a pregnancy test she is not tested for the pregnancy itself, but for the elevated presence of hCG.However, when introduced into the body coupled with a tetanus toxoid carrier, antibodies will be formed not only against tetanus but also against hCG. In this case the body fails to recognize hCG as a friend and will produce anti-hCG antibodies. The antibodies will attack subsequent pregnancies by killing the hCG which naturally sustains a pregnancy; when a woman has sufficient anti-hCG antibodies in her system, she is rendered incapable of maintaining a pregnancy.(1)HLI reported the sketchy facts regarding the Mexican tetanus vaccines to its World Council members and affiliates in more than 60 countries.(2) Soon additional reports of vaccines laced with hCG hormones began to drift in from the Philippines, where more than 3.4 million women were recently vaccinated. Similar reports came from Nicaragua, which had conducted its own vaccination campaign in 1993.

The Known Facts

Here are the known facts concerning the tetanus vaccination campaigns in Mexico and the Philippines:* Only women are vaccinated, and only the women between the ages of 15 and 45. (In Nicaragua the age range was 12-49.) But aren't men at least as likely as young women to come into contact with tetanus? And what of the children? Why are they excluded?* Human chorionic gonadotrophin (hCG) hormone has been found in the vaccines. It does not belong there -- in the parlance of the O.J. Simpson murder trial, the vaccine has been "contaminated."* The vaccination protocols call for multiple injections -- three within three months and a total of five altogether. But, since tetanus vaccinations provide protection for ten years or more, why are multiple inoculations called for?(3)* WHO has been actively involved for more than 20 years in the development of an anti-fertility vaccine utilizing hCG tied to tetanus toxoid as a carrier -- the exact same coupling as has been found in the Mexican-Philippine-Nicaragua vaccines.(4)

The Anti-Fertility Gang

Allied with the WHO in the development of an anti-fertility vaccine (AFV) using hCG with tetanus and other carriers have been UNFPA, the UN Development Programme (UNDP), the World Bank, the Population Council, the Rockefeller Foundation, the All India Institute of Medical Sciences, and a number of universities, including Uppsala, Helsinki, and Ohio State.(5) The U.S. National Institute of Child Health and Human Development (part of NIH) was the supplier of the hCG hormone in some of the AFV experiments.(6)The WHO begain its "Special Programme" in human reproduction in 1972, and by 1993 had spent more than $356 million on "reproductive health" research.(7) It is this "Programme" which has pioneered the development of the abortificant vaccine. Over $90 million of this Programme's funds were contributed by Sweden; Great Britain donated more than $52 million, while Norway, Denmark and Germany kicked in for $41 million , $27 million, and $12 million, respectively. The U.S., thanks to the cut-off of such funding during the Reagan-Bush administrations, has contributed "only" $5.7 million, including a new payment in 1993 by the Clinton administration of $2.5 million. Other major contibutors to the WHO Programme include UNFPA, $61 million; the World Bank, $15.5 million; the Rockefeller Foundation, $2.5 million; the Ford Foundation, over $1 million; and the IDRC (International Research and Development Centre of Canada), $716.5 thousand.

WHO and Philippine Health Department Excuses

When the first reports surfaced in the Philippines of tetanus toxoid vaccine being laced with hCG hormones, the WHO and the Philippine Department of Health (DOH) immediately denied that the vaccine contained hCG. Confronted with the results of laboratory tests which detected its presence in three of the four vials of tetanus toxoid examined, the WHO and DOH scoffed at the evidence coming from "right-to-life and Catholic" sources. Four new vials of the tetanus vaccine were submitted by DOH to St. Luke's (Lutheran) Medical Center in Manila -- and all four vials tested positive for hCG!From outright denial the stories now shifted to the allegedly "insignificant" quantity of the hCG present; the volume of hCG present is insufficient to produce anti-hCG antibodies.But new tests designed to detect the presence of hCG antibodies in the blood sera of women vaccinated with the tetauns toxoid vaccine were undertaken by Philippine pro-life and Catholic groups. Of thirty women tested subsequent to receiving tetanus toxoid vaccine, twenty-six tested positive for high levels of anti-hCG! If there were no hCG in the vaccine, or if it were present in only "insignificant" quantities, why were the vaccinated women found to be harboring anti-hCG antibodies? The WHO and the DOH had no answers.New arguments surfaced: hCG's apparent presence in the vaccine was due to "false positives" resulting from the particular substances mixed in the vaccine or in the chemicals testing for hCG. And even if hCG was really there, its presence derived from the manufacturing process.But the finding of hCG antibodies in the blood sera of vaccinated women obviated the need to get bogged down in such debates. It was no longer necessary to argue about what may or may not have been the cause of the hCG presence, when one now had the effect of the hCG. There is no known way for the vaccinated women to have hCG antibodies in their blood unless hCG had been artificially introduced into their bodies!

Why A Tetanus Toxoid "Carrier"?

Because the human body does not attack its own naturally occurring hormone hCG, the body has to be fooled into treating hCG as an invading enemy in order to develop a successful anti-fertility vaccine utilizing hCG antibodies. A paper delivered at the 4th International Congress of Reproductive Immunology (Kiel, West Germany, 26-29 July 1989) spelled it out: "Linkage to a carrier was done to overcome the immunological tolerance to hCG."(8)

Vaccine Untested by Drug Bureau

After the vaccine controversy had reached a fever pitch, a new bombshell exploded; none of the three different brands of tetanus vaccine being used had ever been licensed for sale and distribution or registered with the Philippine Bureau of Food and Drugs (BFAD), as required by law. The head of the BFAD lamely explained that the companies distributing these brands "did not apply for registration."(9) The companies in question are Connaught Laboratories Ltd. and Intervex, both from Canada, and CSL Laboratories from Australia.It seemed that the BFAD might belatedly require re-testing, but the idea was quickly rejected when the Secretary of Health declared that, since the vaccines had been certified by the WHO -- there they are again! -- there was assurance enough that the "vaccines come from reputable manufacturers."(10)Just how "reputable" one of the manufacturers might be is open to some question. In the mid-`80s Connaught Laboratories was found to be knowingly distributing vials of AIDS-contaminated blood products.(11)

At this juncture, evidence is beginning to appear from Africa.(12) HLI has called for a Congressional investigation of the situation, inasmuch as nearly every agency involved in the development of an anti-fertility vaccine is funded, at least in part, with U.S. monies.



 (1) "Abortifacient vaccines loom as new threat," HLI Reports, November 1993, pp. 1-2.

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 (3) A call placed by this writer on 5 May 1995 to the Montgomery County (Maryland) Health Department, Epidemology Division -- Infectious Diseases -- Adult Immunizations, elicited the following information:

 Q. For how long a time does the tetanus vaccination offer protection?
 A. 10 years.
 Q. Have you ever heard of any adult requiring three tetanus vaccinations within a 3 or 4 month time period, and a total of 5 vaccinations in all within a year or so?
 A. Whaaaat! Never. No way!

 Reports from the Philippines appear to confirm the 10-year immunity afforded by tetanus toxoid vaccinations: prior to the campaigns begun in 1993, the so-called booster shots were given only every 10 years.

 (4) More than a score of articles, many written by WHO researchers, document WHO's attempts to create an anti-fertility vaccine utilizing tetanus toxoid as a carrier. Some leading articles include:

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 (12) A nearly two-year old communique from Tanzania tells a familiar story: tetanus toxoid vaccinations, five in all, given only to women aged 15-45. Nigeria, too, may have been victimized; see The Lancet, 4 June 1988, p. 1273.


What is a disease?

By: Jeremiah Johns, P.T.N

               I’m sure many have asked this question throughout their lives, but never truly pursued a definition. Just saying “I have a disease” isn’t enough for some, then you also have “I feel sick, I must have a disease” this is also not adequate. So, what is a disease? Why do we get it in the first place? When did it start to develop in us? Is there hope of eradicating a disease?

                These questions millions have and will ask themselves when they come down with many forms of diseases, however unique and different the form is a disease is still that—a disease. And all diseases originate from the same beginning, us. And it is inside us where we must battle it, and it is us who will feel the cleansing affects from being free of its energy draining abilities.

                 In order for us to fully understand how a disease comes to be, we need to learn how our bodies work, if we cannot even grasp the intricate design of our detoxification system we will never be able to comprehend how a disease is formed, let alone what it is.

                Despite how sometimes we feel as if the world around us falling apart while we are ill, a disease is not some monster or evasive shadow that cannot be understood and defeated. To defeat any shadow, just switch on a light. In this aspect, we are going to shine the light of truth upon disease and it will vanish from our lives, in one way or another.               

                To begin, maybe I should start off with a question; let’s get you thinking on this as you read. “A disease is limited to where it can go.”

                What first comes to mind? What do you envision when you think of a disease moving? Well, believe it or not a disease cannot move, it is incapable of being transferred, and that’s why it is a disease. In today’s so-called medically advanced world, we like to believe we have everything under control, when we are in less control than we were back in the thirties, and even further back than that. I will not deny our technology has greatly become advanced, but what if by becoming more advanced we lost the simple techniques to literally see a problem, know where it is, and how bad it is faster than a scan, and more accurate than any laboratory blood work up.

                How many times have the medical personnel screwed up what was wrong with you? How often did they almost send ‘you’ into shock because they accidentally ran your supplements too quickly and you started to O.D on the instant lack of sugar. Or, my favorite, how many times did you get worse on the pills and liquids they said would make you better?

                I’m sure most of you can relate to these. Yet, we are so advanced in our technology, why is it we cannot even understand how something as simple as the flu continually changes every year? Why, in so many years of study and money wasted on foundations, we haven’t gained an inch of ground in the mythical war-on-cancer?

                It’s because when we go to an institution for help they label everything a disease, and do not realize that the aid they are given is not properly designed to battle a disease. To label something a disease will not change what it is our body is doing or fighting. Not to mention, diseases can be easily healed from within, whereas the ‘other’ illnesses are a bit more difficult.

                You see a disease is ‘only’ from within. It is part of us, it is our immune system in motion, our lymphatic system symbiotically working along with our hormones, chemicals, and endocrine system—all doing a beautiful duet within our bodies to push out tar, toxins, poisons, and harmful microbes. And you want to shut that display of unity down with drugs because you have a sniffle, or fever, or slight stomach pain. A disease is nothing more than our bodies telling us, trying to, at times, screams at us that something is wrong and it needs a little help.

                This is actually why it is called a disease. You need to think of it as two words: Dis and Ease, our body is no longer at ease with itself, it’s not in a happy balance, and it’s in disarray. To get rid of the disease, which is our immune system talking to us through symptoms; all we have to do is get our bodies back to being balance, getting our PH up, and stabilizing our magnetism.

                Disease, in all forms, starts off as a cold. This might be a shocker, but it’s true. A cold is nothing more than our bodies eliminating a massive load of toxins, and the reason we get them usually in the Winter is because it is around this time, near the end of the year, that the body has a huge storage of poisons and toxins from all the months prior.

                A cold is nothing more than the body going through a detox. And if we ate better, a lot better, exercised everyday and drank more than enough water—we may never have to deal with another cold again because we help our bodies stay clean throughout the year that it won’t have to do a massive unload.

                Some might ask me though, “Mr. Johns, I ate healthy and work hard all year, but I still got sick.” Okay. You got sick, was it a cold? Or are you taking all the same symptoms of a cold and claiming it is the same underlining problem? A cold is not the only problem that will cause a person to get a runny nose, headache, fever, and discomfort. Sadly, these are just the main ‘words’ of our body’s language.

                 Now, you might think you have a disease when you really have an infection. The two are not the same despite modern medicines understanding. Again, looking at just the symptoms everything is going to seem like a disease, because the symptoms are from the immune system talking to you.

                When you have no other problem, and you get symptoms it is a disease because the body is telling you it’s ill with a back-up of toxins and is throwing it out. If you have symptoms of an illness, and come to find out you have a bug, germ, or virus; now it is not a disease, but it’s an infection, an invasion. And so you’ll get symptoms cause our intelligent immune system has decided to give you a warning it’s battling something and could use your help.

                So, a sexually transmitted disease—is not a disease, it’s an infection, an invasion; either bacterial or viral infection, but it is not caused by the body pushing out toxins. You do not get an STD at the end of the year when our body is detoxifying itself, now do you?

                If the illness can spread and jump from one person to the next, it is not a disease. A disease is limited to just the person with it, because it’s their body’s immune system causing it, and you cannot spread an immune system. Only bacteria, viruses, fungi, and microbes are able to spread and these are all forms of infections, and when they become powerful and abundant our immune system sends off an alarm in the form of severe, acute, or even chronic symptoms to warn us we are being overrun and the enemy is winning.

                 And that, is what a disease truly is. It is not something to be feared, rather it is something to be welcomed, to be admired, to realize that as long as we get dis-eased, our immune system is there, it is working hard to keep our bodies free of radicals, poisons and toxins. And as long as our immune system is functioning, there is not a single invader that we cannot eventually kill—and thus, there is no such thing as a life-long illness, disease, or infection.



Yes, believe it or not, the Word does say a lot about your health.  Remember, it is Yahweh's Law or Chaos, you decide. For one thing, there are the 'food laws', yes, the ones your lying preacher, priest, pastor tells you that don't apply anymore! Well, guess what, they do! Not everything on the shelves at the grocery store is actually good for you.

Take the time to read the books, 'Eat Right For Your Blood Type' or 'Eat Right For Your Type'.

The Word tells us that the 'clean' meat is from animals that eat grass, not other animals. Such as beef, deer, elk, buffalo, sheep, goats, etc. The unclean are pork (pig), dog, cat, and other scavengers.

Edible fish are those with fins AND scales, e.g., trout, bass, talipia, etc.  Shellfish, shark, crabs, lobster, catfish, etc. are NOT food.  They are Yahweh's garbage men; they clean up the oceans' floors.

Birds should have talons, not webbed feet AND they should not be scavengers.

We will add more here in the future. Folks your health is vitally important. Yahweh commanded that we care for our 'temples' of the Holy Spirit (our bodies).

You are what you eat!!!

Pastor Dan

How did they do it?

Natural Foods and More

Drug Resistant TB

Here what this man has to say about the drugs being given to our children!

What! So chloresterol isn't as bad as we were once told!!!

There are some very good articles available to let you know how harmful floride is in your water!!! Yes, folks, it is a poison.

-------- Original message --------

To: Michael B.
Subject: Forget Cholesterol, Inflammation's the Real Enemy 
As my profession is nutrition, I have known for years that high cholesterol on it's own, is not a real problem unless Homocysteine levels in the blood are high at the same time. 

However, if omega 3 levels are high, being one of the cholesterol family that is tested for in a cholesterol test and is classed as a good cholesterol and an anti inflammatory, it also causes the omega 6 cholesterol (Bad cholesterol) to be dissolved off the artery walls, sending it to the liver, where it is burnt off.

The research on this goes back about 20 years and in all that time, big pharma has made a killing on cholesterol reducing drugs and for NO healthy reason, especially when eating Salmon is the best way to keep the arteries clean instead. 

But I did have a concern as to why they would be allowing this info out now, unless they are instead promoting a rush on chemical anti inflammatories that will cause internal haemorrhaging, as it is actually made of the same chemicals as "RAT" poison. - Now that will speed up their depopulation program.

If you eat salmon 3 times a week, it will sort out cholesterol, act as a good anti-inflammatory & produce more acetylcholine in the brain (Grey Matter) protecting against brain diseases such as Dementia and Alzheimer's. But the chemical version that they will make billions on, will do the opposite of all that.